19 January 2020
Last Update: 14 January 2020.
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  • The crescent, star, surrounding boundary, the words Allah and Muhammad are in golden yellow and the outline in black.
  • The diamonds from left to right are blue, green, red, green and blue.
  • There are 21 small moons located on the upper part of the crown.
  • The background for the words Allah and ‘Muhammad’ is bright chilli red.


  • Each strip of the garland comprises 16 pieces of Bunga Padi that is 6 in the centre and five each to the left and right.
  • Bunga Padi is in royal yellow, and the outline is in black.


  • Keris luk lima is crossed from left bottom to right.
  • Duku Ilang (Sarawak knife) is crossed from left top to right.
  • Keris and Duku Ilang is in royal yellow and the outline is in black.


  • Coloured royal yellow and the outline is in black. The words ‘GAGAH SETIA’ is in black.


  • Crown - Illustrates the loyalty of the Malaysian Army to His Majesty, Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong and the Malay Rulers.
  • Moon and Star - Symbolizes the attitude of the Malaysian Army personnel who are loyal to Islam as the official religion.
  • The word Allah and Muhammad - Symbolizes the One and Only God and Rasulullah as His Messenger.
  • Diamond - Five diamonds symbolise the wealth of the land that people are enjoying, and it contributes the developmental advancement of the Malaysian Army.
  • Bunga Padi Garland - Each strip of the garland comprises 16 pieces of ‘Bunga Padi’ representing the 16 Corps/Regiment in the Malaysian Army. It symbolises the attitude of the men who are competent, strong-willed and enthusiastic. It is also a symbol of unity, cooperation, prosperity and harmony between the Corps/Regiments in the Malaysian Army. It is the emblem of the Malaysian Army and the people.
  • Keris Melayu Luk Lima - Keris is a traditional weapon used by the Malays. It symbolises the bravery and power of the people who are always ready to defend the State and the country.
  • Duku Ilang - Duku Ilang is a Dayak Darat weapon, and it symbolises the Dayak Darat’s spirit and represents the way they fight against the enemy in battle.
  • Keris Bersilang Duku IIang - Characterizing the combination act of heroism of the Malay and Dayak people. This weapon includes the qualities of steadfastness and bravery which also indicates abstinence and capable of fighting until the very last breath.