18 January 2020
Last Update: 14 January 2020.
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The Malaysian Army intends to become a credible and inclusive Army through the following commitments:


  1. State’s Defense. Protect and defend the sovereignty and security of the country’s territory.
  2. Preparedness. Empowering combat preparedness at some time to address any form of threat.
  3. Training and Human Resources. Ensure a comprehensive training system to develop a professional and competent human capital to carry out tasks in all situations.
  4. The Military Intellectually. Enhances the spirit of the unity of the 1 Jiwa Tentera Darat through the development of self-awareness to strengthen the maturity of military minds.
  5. Asset Management / Military Equipment. Ensuring effective, efficient and prudent asset management systems to support task implementation.
  6. National Development. Support the fundamentals of the nation in accordance with national aspirations to develop the country.
  7. MOOTW / CIMIC. Strengthen cooperation and capacity together with government agencies and communities in the interest of the state.
  8. Ceremonial Assignment. Assist the state in the ceremonial assignment.


  1. Customer Service and Customer Feedback Services. Provide feedback within 14 working days for any inquiries, complaints and customer feedback received. However, if you need a further response, then the 30 working days period is required and will be notified to the user.
  2. Results Selection Review. Applicants are provided with the online access to check on the selection results.
  3. Client Charter. Publish client charter achievements through the Army portal every three months (Jan, April, July and October).