18 January 2020
Last Update: 14 January 2020.
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THE ELIGIBLE TO PUSASDA System Guide is a system that lists those who have succeeded in the FINAL SELECTION and subsequently will undergo military training at Army Basic Training Centre (PUSASDA) before graduating into the Malaysian Army. The pronouncement from this system can also be used as evidence if the candidate receives the official letter LATE.

How to use the system:

1. To access the system, please type https://army.mod.gov.my/pusasda.

2. Enter the Identity Card Number without placing the symbol -.

3. Click on the SEARCH button. If you want to change or wrong information, please click on the BLANK button.

4. If your information is successful, please follow the following instructions:

       a. Click on the LENS icon and a detailed view will be posted.

      b. Please read and review the instructions and information carefully and take note of the matters specified.

      c. Print the results and bring them together when reporting to PUSASDA.

5. If the information is not displayed and the message “No records found - Contact 03-2071 4254 | 6030 | 3926” means you need to call the number as there is probably an error on the information given either your FULL NAME or IDENTITY CARD NUMBER or other matters requiring clarification from the Recruitment Department.

6. Queries via Users Online Services Helpdesk will take at least 14 working days to get feedback. Therefore, you are not encouraged to use this platform because of the delay in the delivery of information that may occur from a predetermined date.