18 January 2020
Last Update: 14 January 2020.
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Terms of Use of Government Open Data 1.0

Data usage or reuse of data must comply with the terms and conditions below:

1. Data usage under this terms

The data owner authorises data usage without any charge.

2. Users may perform the following:

(i) Copy, publish, distribute and transfer data;

(ii) Data adaptation;

(iii) Use of commercial and non-commercial data; and

(iv) Merge data with other data or data summaries in the product or application.

3. In the event of any of the above mentioned in para 2, the user SHALL:

(i) State the source of data in a product or application based on a statement determined by the data owner;

(ii) Provide a link to these Terms of Use; and

(iii) If the data owner does not provide a statement of intellectual property of the data, the user shall use the following statement: “Data and information subject to the Terms of Use of the Government’s Open Government Data 1.0.”


These Terms of Usage do not provide any rights to:

(i) Personal data;

(ii) Name, seal, logo or any official symbol of the owner of the data;

(iii) Public sector or departmental organisation logo;

(iv) Royal and military emblem;

(v) Third party rights to which the owner of the data has no authority over it;

(vi) Any intellectual property rights including patent, trademark and design rights; and

(vii) Identity documents such as Malaysia Passport, MyKad.


(i) Data is in the form provided by the data owner. The data owner is exempt from any representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in respect of the data; and

(ii) The data owner is not responsible for any errors and data loss. The data owner is also not liable for any loss, injury or damage as a result of the use of the data. The data owner does not assure data provided continuously.

6. LAW

These Terms of Usage are governed by law under the jurisdiction, and the owner of the data is the primary owner of the data.

Date of Amendment: 30 SEPTEMBER 2015