ptd baruSelamat Datang, Welcome to all delegates, participants and guests to the 40th Pacific Armies Management Seminar (PAMS XL). This notable seminar has grown into a very important, significant and invigorating event since the first PAMS session was held in Honolulu in September 1978. PAMS has earned numerous acclaims, recognitions and respects since its inception. In addition, what is more important is that PAMS has paved the way in strengthening the social and bonding interactions among military personnel in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.

This year, the Malaysian Army is very proud and honoured to host PAMS XL. I pledge my uncompromising support towards this event which has definitely bind us closer together. The bonding among the Pacific Armies through our intimate professional association and our collective goal of promoting peace have paved the way for greater cooperation in combating security issues of common concern. Besides, by exchanging thoughts and ideas on a common academic platform, we have been able to discover collective and more effective approaches towards addressing a range of security issues.

PAMS each year, focussed discussion on contemporary issues has brought newer dimensions to our understanding of peace and security. Likewise, the theme selected for PAMS XL is Unity of Effort: Building Civil-Military Partnerships to Counter Violent Extremism. Violent extremism is a serious crime. It cannot and should not be associated with any nationality, religion or ethnicity. Therefore, effective countering acts of violent extremism requires a comprehensive and strategic approach, relying on a broad range of policies and measures.

Moreover, besides the talks and discussions, an interesting program has also been planned for the all the participants and accompanying spouses to make the event equally rewarding for them. There are plenty of must-see destinations and must-do activities in Kuala Lumpur. Please spare some time to explore the splendor and savor the hospitality that Malaysia has to offer. Finally, I wish that PAMS XL will be enjoyable and memorable. I firmly believe that PAMS XL will add another phenomenal milestone to that legacy of friendship and cooperation.
Terima kasih and thank you.