1 October 2020
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Malayan Special Forces Congo (UNOC) - Oct 1960

When the Emergency period ended in 1960, Malaysia, as an independent country was given the honour to help preserve the world peace. Malaysia became the 16th country to send its troops to serve under the banner of the United Nations (UN) and had served excellently to maintain peace in Congo (now Zaire) in African Continent that was struggling for its independence.

Malaysian Army was represented by the Fourth Battalion of Royal Malay Regiment under the command of Lt Col Ungku Nasarudin as the first battalion served in Congo, in 1960. They were followed by the Sixth, Seventh and Second RMR Battalions. Besides that, the First Calvary Corps Regiment and a component of other corps, such as Signal Corps, Service Corps and others contributed, in terms of manpower. The Malaysian Army services to the United Nations in Congo ended with the return of Second Battalion of Royal Malay Regiment on 28 Apr 1963. On 11 May 2000, Malaysian Army participated in MONUC Mission (UN Mission in Congo).

Namibia (UNTAC) - Feb 89

UNTAC Mission (UN Transitional Assistance in Namibia) started on Feb 1989 until Apr 1990 the deployment was as HQ Staff and known as MALBAT.

Cambodia (UNAMIC/UNTAC/UNMLT) - Nov 1991

The involvement of the Malaysian contingent in the mission started beginning November 1991 until May 1994.  UNAMIC mission (UN Advance Mission in Cambodia) started in Nov 91 until March 1992 where the assignment was as Liaison Officer, and UNTAC mission (UN Transition Authority in Cambodia) was started in March 1992 until November 1992 where the tasks were as MALBAT I, II and Headquarters Staff. UNMLT (UN Military Liaison Officer Team) began in November 1993 until May 1994.

Somalia (UNOSOM) - June 1993

Malaysia participated in UNOSOM mission from 1993 to 1995. As many as 870 military personnel from 19 RMR (Mechanized) were stationed in Mogadishu beginning June 18, 1993.This Battalion involved in combat missions to rescue the US Ranger troops trapped in the Bakara Market in Mogadishu on 3 and 4 October 1993, in which 75 US Ranger were saved.

Bosnia Herzegovina UNPROFOR/IFOR/SFOR – 1993

Malaysia joined the UN Protection Force (UNPROFOR) in Sep 1993. MALBATT Group comprised 23 RMR and 3 RAC and served from 2 September 1993 until 22 August 1994. MALBATT Group II (22 August 1994 to 27 March 1995) comprises 5 RMR and 2 RAC. MALBATT Group III (28 March 1995 to November 1995) includes 12 RMR and 1 RAC. For IFOR Group (International Force) MALCON I, II and III, they were deployed beginning December 1995 to June 1997.  SFOR group (Stabilization Force) known as the MALCON IV and V were assigned beginning June 1997 until June 1998.

Timur Timor (INTERFET/UNTAET) - Sep 1999

Malaysia participation in this mission began with the sending off 30 officers and other ranks to work hand in hand with Multi-National Force (INTERFET), helping the United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET) to perform its duties and to facilitate the implementation of humanitarian relief operations. The length of deployment for this team was from 29 September 1999 to 1 February 2000 (known as MALTEAM). Later, beginning from 18 May 2000, members of the Armed Forces were tasked as an interpreter under the UNTAET mission.

Ethiopia (UN MEE) - Dec 2000

MEE UN mission (UN Mission in Eritrea / Ethiopia) began in Dec 2000 until now where the assignment is as HQ staff.

Timor Leste Special Op (MALCON) 2006

Malaysia’s participation in this mission began by the sending of 36 officers and 302 other ranks. This assignment was from 29 May 2006 to present in which the mission is headed by Col Ismet Nayan bin Ismail (3001633).